Somebody said to me once that filming is the easy part and post-production is a much more difficult process. Building up the whole scenario, carefully selecting each sentence and word, editing, graphics, sound mixing, checking license and credits, all while still working on my day job to secure the budget for the film! In this

내 생일은 일 년의 딱 절반이 지난 시점 무렵에 있어서 새해를 두 번 맞는 기분이 된다. 첫 반년을 돌아보고 나머지 반년은 어떻게 보내면 좋을지 생각하게 된다. 지난달, 이번 생일은 하던 일 다 내려놓고 홀로 스파가 있는 곳에서 하루 묵으며 호젓하게 보냈다. 종일 물에 몸을 담그고 있다가 책을 읽고 먹고 싶던 걸 먹고 창밖으로 스콜이라고 하는

That was about 2 years ago when I decided to make a documentary about digital nomads/remote work. Let’s stop selling the digital nomad lifestyle as a miracle cure and instead expose its reality Here’s How I Got Top-Notch Interviewees for My Documentary on Remote Work The entire production process took much longer than I thought.

What are the most challenging parts of life as a digital nomad? You’d probably think practical stuff like logistics, security, cultural differences, those kind of things. But actually, many of my interviewees told me loneliness is one of the most difficult things on the road. It was pretty interesting to me, and made me think.

When I interviewed remote companies like Automattic or Basecamp, people often mentioned work performance and productivity is the top priority for remote companies. But for many one of the biggest challenges of remote work remains the lack of real life human interaction. This summer, I visited two remote startups, Teleport and Buffer, to see how they

More people are moving and working around the world regardless of national borders. Estonia is the first country to offer e-residency to capitalize on this trend. Estonia is well-known with their digitalized infrastructure and efficient government’s services. It was possible as Estonian government built their entire infrastructure from the scratch when Estonia become independent in