What are the most challenging parts of life as a digital nomad? You’d probably think practical stuff like logistics, security, cultural differences, those kind of things.

    But actually, many of my interviewees told me loneliness is one of the most difficult things on the road. It was pretty interesting to me, and made me think. Family is one of the main ways people feel community and companionship. And together with having friends, it’s the one thing that stops us from feeling lonely. So how do digital nomads pursue that? Are there couples on the road? How about entire families?

    In this video, I interviewed three nomadic families/couples:

    • Anna and Thomas have been traveling about 30 countries so far with their adorable two daughters, Hanna and Mila. This family share their story through their blog “The Family Without Borders“.
    • I ran into Jeremy and Sondra three times in three different countries this year; Bali in Indonesia, Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Chicago in the US. They are “ultimate honeymooners”, and it’s been about a year since they left Bay Area and started living as nomads.
    • Finally, I met Lee and Lisa in Berlin. Before seeing them I was already very much looking forward to hearing their story. I can’t wait to share more story in the final film about how Lee has changed his law firm to a full remote company. It was one of the most incredible stories I’ve heard!

    I upload a short video clip from what I’ve filmed on my YouTube channel, and it will show you a glimpse of this documentary. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think by tweeting me at @youjindo :D

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