This was my first interview for this documentary. I had a very interesting conversation with this married couple, Jeje and Meme (Jewoo Jeon, Miyoung Park) in Seoul, South Korea.

    They used to work for one of the biggest Korean corporations called SK, and many Koreans would die for getting this job. They are going to hit the road this summer and travel all over the world while they build up their startup. Meme was one of the finalists of SF Disrupt. Now she is working on her own startup with her husband, Jeje.

    Like many Asian countries, Korea is pretty conservative with its strong family ties. Their parents bitterly opposed this couple’s plan living as a digital nomad. So Jeje and Meme tried to persuade their parents with having lots of conversations and sharing their plan.

    I upload a short video clip from what I’ve filmed on my YouTube channel, and it will show you a glimpse of this documentary. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think by tweeting me at @youjindo :D

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