Remote Work's Greatest Challenge is Real Life Interaction

When I interviewed remote companies like Automattic or Basecamp, people often mentioned work performance and productivity is the top priority for remote companies. But for many one of the biggest challenges of remote work remains the lack of real life human interaction.

This summer, I visited two remote startups, Teleport and Buffer, to see how they tried to deal with this challenge. These companies organize regular retreats where all their staff come together. These retreats are off-site team events where they meet in one location, spend one or two weeks together working, brainstorming and mingling in real life. And at the end, they all go back to their own place wherever they want to be in the world to focus on their own tasks.

I wanted to learn how these retreats solve this challenge and how it feels to as an employee to be part of a team like that.

I upload a short video clip from what I’ve filmed on my YouTube channel, and it will show you a glimpse of this documentary. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think by tweeting me at @youjindo :D